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Hi, I'm Amy!

Located in Charleston, South Carolina. Born and Raised a Native New Yorker. I'm a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Chef and soon to be Herbalist. I have a strong passion to help people have a better life by helping them tackle .

As a young teen I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and struggled with a number of symptoms such as: cystic acne, depression, mood swings, weight gain and irregular menstrual cycles. These symptoms I was presented with lead me to discover a way to heal. Every doctor I went to  said the same things to me “there’s no cure for PCOS”, however deep in my heart I knew there was. Magic Johnson once said, "God gave me this disease because he knew I could beat it". After hearing that quote years ago, I knew that God gave me PCOS because he knows I could beat it and help so many women struggling.

 I used traditional medicine for many years to try and get my hormones balance, but found that no matter what I did or tried it still did not address the root cause of all the issues and my symptoms started to get worse. 


The things you fuel your mind, body and soul with should raise your vibration and uplift all areas of your life. Your body is the vehicle helping you fulfill the mission we came here to do. Food is meant to be an enjoyable, nourishing and healing experience. The food, emotions you feel, the lifestyle you live all directly effect every area of your life.


I’ve been on a mission for over 10+ years healing my condition which inspired me to help many others struggling with similar concerns. Throughout my journey I’ve been able to successfully reverse many of my symptoms by implementing a conscious & mindful lifestyle and use nutrition as medicine to heal myself.



Fun Facts About Me:

1. When I'm not cooking, I'm eating & when I'm not eating I'm watching food videos, flipping through recipe books & getting inspired by culinary creations from all around the world. Loving food is an understatement, it's my passion. It's the one thing that unifies people.

2. Second to food comes my love for cats. I love all animals but cats have a special place in my life. I have two kitties, Nina & Jimmy who are my precious fur babies. 

3. I'm born and raised a New Yorker through and through. Growing up in the food mecca gave me a taste of the world through the diversity of several culinary options!

4. Health is truly my world. I've been livin', preachin' and breathin' health since I was a young teen. When ya know, ya know :)

5. When I'm not researching health & creating recipes, you can find me knee deep studying astrology. Another passion of mine since I was very young. Spirituality, Metaphysics and Astrology has intrigued me for almost 15 years!