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Holistic Nutrition Support

In a private 1:1 session with me, you will get my undivided attention where we will go over and identify all nutritional imbalances which lead to symptoms you’re experiencing so we can get to the root cause. You will learn how to establish a healthy partnership with your mind, body, soul and food. We will work together to identify and heal core imbalances so you can thrive in all areas of your life.

Initial Consultation

+ 90 minute in-depth mind, body, soul assessment
+ Health history analysis
+ Explore your health & wellness goals
+ Recommendations for Dietary Changes
+ Written Treatment Plan
+ Optional: Lab-Testing, Delayed Food Allergy Panel.


+ 60 minute follow up discussing your labs, progress after initial dietary and/or supplement changes implemented
+ Discuss skin, body, home and environmental friendly products that may rob your health
+ Exercise & Detox Protocol
+ Find stress management & self-care techniques to enhance your well being
+ Develop a healing plan specific to your unique and individual needs

On-going Support

+ 45 minutes of my undivided attention to ask any questions/concerns, follow up on progress being made with treatment plans
+ Guidance on any area of your life you feel you’re not moving forward on
+ Discover hidden issues that may negatively affect your health
+ Homeopathic and Flower Essence Suggestions
+ Continue building a strong connection to empowered health and well being

Herbal & Supplement Support

+ 20 minute phone call discussing supplement and herb recommendations
+ Ask me questions about changing treatment plan suggestions

Kitchen + Pantry Detox

If you’re confused about what groceries to buy and how to prepare them, this service is for you! Let me show you the tricks of the trade in the comfort of your home.

What’s included?

A brief understanding about you is current eating and shopping habits and goals.

+ I will come to your home and assess your kitchen and current food selection.  

+ Organize ingredients and organizing bulk ingredients in containers with labels. 

+ We’ll discuss the necessary dietary suggestions for you and your family.    

+ Kitchen, Pantry and Fridge Clean Out    

+ Review cooking supplies and tools         

Schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation, call Amy 843-217-2588 or send an email to 

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